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Hairball Awareness Day!

We forgot to celebrate Hairball Awareness Day yesterday!

A hairball is formed by hair ingested when your cat grooms itself by licking his/her fur. Most of it passes through the GI tract without any problems. However, if some of the fur stays in the stomach, you cat must then vomit it back up to get rid of it – Not so pleasant for the cat or your carpet.

The best way to prevent hairballs is by regularly grooming your cat! We recommend either the Kong Zoom Groom for short-haired cats (which you can purchase at the clinic) or the Furminator, which can reduce shedding up to 90% (we can special order this in for you)!

We also sell laxatives that help hairballs move through the digestive tract.

Stop by the clinic and ask us about what you can do to help prevent hairballs.

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