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Dental product of the week: Dental Food!

In addition to brushing and regular dental check-ups, good oral health may require a pet food specially formulated to clean teeth such as Prescription Diet® t/d® or Royal Canin Dental. These dental diets are designed to assist in the prevention of accumulation of plaque and tartar in your pets’ mouth by combining a mechanical scrubbing action and tartar and plaque reducing ingredients to provide dual action dental care.

Dental kibble is specially designed not to crumble the way regular kibble does, but rather to hold together longer to scrub each tooth like a toothbrush. The larger kibble size also ensures that your pet’s teeth chew through each kibble, getting cleaned from the tip to the gumline.

Dental diets that we can order in for you:

And remember, just because February/Pet Dental Health month is over doesn’t mean you can’t come in and try any of the products mentioned in today’s and all previous posts. A healthy mouth is a healthy body. Emerging science suggests a strong link between good oral health and heart and kidney health. So, be sure to brush and take care of your pets’ oral health.

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