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Pet Dental Health Month Colouring Contest!

We want everyone involved in Pet Dental Health Month, including your kids! We are having a colouring contest for the kids until the end of February. Stop in and pick up a colouring sheet. All entries will be posted in the clinic and winners will be announced at the end of the month! Great prizes to be won!

National Cupcake Day!

It’s that time of year again, National Cupcake Day! Be sure to mark Monday, February 24th on your calendars and stop in for some wonderful cupcakes! Thank you so much to the amazing people at Bella Bella Nice Custom Cakes for donating 60 cupcakes to help make our cupcake day a success!!! Last year we raised $110.21 for the SPCAs and humane societies. Let’s try to break that record this year!

If you’re unable to make it in, but would still like to donate, you can do so online by clicking here! All proceeds go to support the SPCAs and local humane societies, so it’s all for a great cause.

Fundraise for Farley Month

Starting next Tuesday, October 1st, we will be collecting donations for the 2013 P&G Pet Care Fundraise for Farley Month campaign in support of The Farley Foundation.

Funds raised during this month-long event help subsidize the non-elective veterinary care of pets belonging to low-income seniors, disabled persons and women at risk of abuse. Change the world a little or a lot and support people and pets in need.

Stop in and donate any time throughout the month of October, anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated!

For more information on the foundation, you can visit their website at:

Sponsor Amy in support of National Service Dogs

Our office manager, Amy, and her dog little Westie, Darla, will be participating in the 2013 Windsor Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs & their Families happening on Friday, March 29th.

All donations go to support the National Service Dogs (NSD). NSD is committed to enriching the quality of life and enhancing the independence of children and individuals living with autism and special needs by providing them with specially trained Labrador and Golden Retrievers. It’s all for a great cause, so please, consider supporting Amy and Darla! Any donation of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month!

Just because Pet Dental Health Month has ended doesn’t mean you should forget about everything you’ve learned this month. Remember, brushing is best!

Infographic courtesy of VPI Insurance

Also, March marks the beginning of Poison Prevention Awareness Month. Every Monday and Thursday we will be featuring items which are poisonous to your pets. For more information on poisonous household items, you can visit the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and The Pet Poison Hotline websites.

National Cupcake Day – Final Tally!

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to support National Cupcake Day! We raised $110.21 for the SPCAs and humane societies. We really appreciated all the donations and couldn’t have done it without your support. Hopefully next year it will be even bigger and better. Thanks again!

National Cupcake Day

National Cupcake Day

Join us for National Cupcake day, next Monday, February 25th! We will be participating in support of SPCAs and Humane Societies. If you would like to help, you can bake cupcakes for us to sell or just stop in and buy a cupcake. You can also make a donation through our team fundraising page. Any little bit would be greatly appreciated. It’s all for a great cause to support local SPCAs and humane societies.

Bake cupcakes, raise funds and save animals’ lives!

Pet Dental Health Month!

Today is the 1st of February which marks the start of Pet Dental Health Month! 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of periodontal disease by the time they’re 3 years old. There are plenty of things you can do as a pet owner such as brushing their teeth, feeding them a dental diet, dental chews/treats and/or drops/mouthwashes.

Signs of dental disease include:

  • Bad breath
  • Yellow-brown crust on teeth
  • Red, swollen or bleeding gums
  • Change in chewing or eating habits
  • Pawing at the mouth or face
  • Loose, broken or abscessed teeth
  • Abnormal drooling

If left untreated, oral disease can lead to serious consequences for your pet, including pain, bad breath and tooth loss. Chronic infections can even spread to the major organs, where they can seriously compromise your pet’s health.

For the month of February, if your pet has a dental done at the Belmont Veterinary Services, you can get 15% off* and your pet will go home with a free dental kit including a sample of poultry-flavoured toothpaste, toothbrush, a sample of Hill’s Prescription T/D diet and lots of interesting reading material on how you can ensure your pet’s dental health. So call today!

*The cost of medication, pre-anesthetic blood work, microchipping, IV fluids and extractions is extra.

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